DT-207 non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor

2014-01-04 13:53:09

DT-207non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor

1, Properties

    DT-207 has no phosphorus, in phosphorus discharge high demanding areas, can greatly reduce the cost of sewage treatment. As without phosphate, it reduce the propagation of microorganisms in the circulating water system and reduce the dosage of bactericide and sludge stripper.

2, Specification

Item index
Dark brown liquid
Solid content%                ≥
Density (20 ℃) g / cm 3        ≥
pH (1% solution)

3, Using method

  1. DT-207uses the concentration of30mg/l,has good corrosion inhibition effect on the total hardness of100 mg / l,total alkalinity at100 mg / lof water such as the Changjiang River.Corrosion rate of carbon steel is less than0.075mm/ a.
  2.  DT-207uses the concentration of30mg / l,has good corrosion inhibition effect on the total hardness of300 mg / l,total alkalinity at200 mg / l,chloride ion greater than300 mg / lof water, corrosion rate of carbon steel is less than0.075mm/ a.
  3.  DT-207uses the concentration of60mg/l,the total hardness50 mg/l,has good corrosion inhibition effect ontotal alkalinity at50 mg / lfor example, the water quality of Minjiang River and other conditions of low hardness water.
  4. DT-207can be compounded with other agents, can greatly reduce the use of concentration;

    (5)When using DT-207 alone, the best  use concentration:40-60mg / l.

4, Package and Storage

DT-207packed with 25kg plastic drum , , or determined by the user.Storage for ten months.

5,Safety Protection:

    DT-207is acidic, operation with gloves and glasses, avoid contacting with eyes and skin ,once contacted,flush with water.


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