Power plant located in Tangyin City, the heating area doubled

2016-07-29 23:08:26

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 At the beginning of this winter heating, a heart warming message will let the public announcement. November 16, the Anyang Tangyin county urban heat and power cogeneration system (2015-2020) "to obtain power bureau approval, next year will be in Tangyin County create 350 MW Units 2 units and matching network, it is estimated that completed in 2017. The power to reach 28 million kilowatts, heating to go getters can satisfied with 14 million square meters of residential heating demand, and reduce the pollution of urban environment.

Replace one hundred small boiler
Energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection
Anyang South cogeneration project, the project is located in Tangyin County town of white, with a total area of about 1000 acres. In the meantime, covers an area of 600 acres, with a total investment of about 40 billion yuan, create 350 MW extraction condensing super critical coal-fired generator set 2 sets, and matching network to create, project in 2017 built. The project create implementation, not only can improve the Tangyin County municipal public facilities, forward residents heating demand and the quality of the day, and can reduce the degree of pollution in urban, improved the investment environment in Tangyin County, Tangyin county's national economy sustainable development has important and far-reaching meaning.
According to the Anyang Industrial Agglomeration Area, the dynamic structure adjustment plan ", to 2017 demand in our city revoked within the jurisdiction of all loose coal burning boiler and the cogeneration project selection of extraction condensing steam type ultra supercritical generating units, instead of the city in southeastern regional rendezvous heating range of small coal-fired boiler 100 units, the annual saving of standard coal 6.093 million tons, ash emission reduction 2.133 million tons. Each year to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 1949.76 tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1 million 331 thousand and 500 tons, greatly improving the quality of the environment in our city and the surrounding areas.
The completion of the project put into operation
Heating area will be doubled
Today, the demand for heating up the city residents is increasing rapidly year by year, but due to the heat source to create a lag, resulting in the city to meet the heating expansion is limited. According to statistics, now the south-eastern City Regional rendezvous heating popularity rate is only 26.8%, and the city to meet the heating network area, with an average of about 500 million square meters of speed increase, heating the contradiction between supply and demand of rendezvous more outstanding.
According to expert analysis, engineering consulting center, to 2017, the city heating pipe laying to reach 285 km, meet the heating demand will reach 52.09 million square meters, and now the city only to meet heating Datang Yang plant heating ability only 11.4 million square meters. Even Datang Anyang power plant for the transformation of the existing 2 sets of generating units, to 2017, the city's main urban areas and southeast district heating area is still 28 million 690 thousand square meters of the gap. After the completion of the cogeneration project can meet the heating network area increased 14 million square meters, can make our city meet heating area increased by more than one times and useful treatment is related to the vital interests of the masses of winter rendezvous heating doubt.
Collection of hot gas as a whole
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Supply support for
Last year, the whole society electricity consumption reached 210 million kilowatts, but the power installed plan just 1940 MW, annual generating capacity of about 110 billion kwh, the gap larger demand for electricity will be on the quality and safety of the power grid frequency structure into a certain influence, the project completion of annual generating ability to reach 28 million kilowatts, to ensure grid safety play an active role. Together, the project in the peak electricity grid overload, can also reflect the useful role in peak shaving.
Together, in the southeastern area of the city with province government has agreed to create the Anyang City Xindong Industrial Cluster District, Anyang City high tech industrial agglomeration, Tangyin County Industrial Agglomeration District, three industrial agglomeration area, and Anyang City primary central business district and Tangyin feature commercial district. New cogeneration project set heating, gas, electricity as a whole, the industrial gas supply can be reached 200 tons / hour, heating pumping steam volume 900 tons of arrival / hour, can heat demand in our region and business operation treatment, industrial economy and service industry expansion supplies strong support.
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