Selection of boiler dust remover in power plant

2015-11-04 22:00:38

Thermal power plant is a large dust emissions, for thermal power plant dust collector selection, dust collector manufacturers each have a theory, to ensure the completion of the Twelfth Five Year Plan for energy-saving emission reduction, thermal power plant dust removal of the road in where?

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for power plant.

New situation in a scientific and reasonable determines a soot treatment way for thermal power plant in the future strategic direction of development is very crucial. Electrostatic precipitator used for the beginning of the thermal power plant boiler dust removal and dust bag to carry out, making thermal power plant dust removal and a bag type dust collector to pick, in 2000, the electric bag composite dust remover D-Will, making dust market competition is more and more intense. The new "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards" request for the implementation of new dust emission limits in July 1, 2014, and then the environmental protection department of the 14 key points of the implementation of the 47 key points of air pollutant emission limits of the key points of the city. Faced with such a tight, heavy task of the grim situation, power plant and dust collector and the skills of the supply of environmental protection companies are wandering, electric dust collector, electric bag composite dust collector and bag filter, each have their application scope, also have advantages and disadvantages, it is difficult to choose.

In this regard, the user side and the supply side altogether organization the multiple communication studies and the effect of the report, the intention is to contact the user practice and practice skills, stand in the height of career, together to discuss and develop a can get multi identity of coal-fired power plant soot handling skills is better road. The reliability of the dust remover, the reliability of the satisfactory emission standard, the energy saving rate of the power plant, and the stability, economy and applicability are the key factors to the selection of the dust removal ability of the power plant.

The selection of boiler dust remover in thermal power plant should understand the development trend of China's dust removal equipment

Dust removal equipment has been widely used in China's power, water conservancy, steel, chemical and other occupations, for China's effective control of waste emissions to make an active contribution. But together need to note is that the air pollution in China is still outstanding. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the latest data show that in July 2013 the country's 74 cities in severe pollution and severe pollution days share of 3.2 and 0.4 percentage points, the primary pollutant concentrations are reduced. Excessive number of days, ozone and PM2.5 as the primary pollutant of the number of days more, leaving the pollution of the number of days of 71.6% and 24%, the data show that ozone replacement of PM2.5 into the primary pollutant in July.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for power plant.

Now facing shopping malls, dust removal equipment market need in under the instigation of the national policy, the need to improve the skills are also gradually improved. Bag type dust collector is expected to open up China's power market. In the case of total control dust, dust emissions, bag type dust collector will become a reasonable and the best choice.

At the time of the development of the scene, the state revised air pollution prevention act, the more stringent emission standards, the control of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas to rise, these make the use of electric dust collector is difficult and not economical. Electric dust collector is difficult to reach this request, and the domestic bag type dust collector can easily reach the contrast. And in some steel mills and cement plants have been transformed into a bag type dust collector, after the transformation of the dust emission concentration is reduced, running costs, repair work load is lower than the electric precipitator.

In order to reduce air pollution, protect the atmospheric environment, the Chinese government is paying more and more attention to the environmental protection, the investment in environmental protection management is increasing, the proportion of environmental protection investment in GDP is also increasing. Air pollution as the most important equipment to control the production of products - dust removal equipment, the use of a broad perspective.

Today, even though China dust removal equipment professional production remains low threshold of market access, the specification is not consistent, resulted in competition project company is uneven, of career development formed a certain adverse effects. But in recent years, the production of dust removal equipment in China is still maintained at 30% above the average annual growth rate, the outstanding development of the vision and the following reasons, making China dust equipment manufacturing professional investment prospects are still broad.

Dust removal equipment shopping malls are now a small shopping mall

Dust removal equipment mainly used in cement, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, electric power, machinery, chemical, waste burning and other serious dust pollution. Follow China cement, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, electric power, chemical and other professional entered a stage of rapid development, the air pollution question is more and more outstanding, the country began pay attention to from the source to open the pollution management, atmospheric pollutant emission standard has become more and more severe, after years of development, domestic dust collector career appeared out of the backbone of a number of companies, skill level and product quality has reached the international advanced level.

Dust removal equipment need to be strong

According to the points of regional air pollution prevention and control during the "Twelfth Five Year" plan "by 2015, points of the region of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, industrial smoke and dust emissions significantly reduced, volatile organic pollution prevention work fully opened, ambient air quality significantly improved, photochemical smog and haze, acid rain pollution alleviated, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, inhaled particulate matter annual average concentration reaches or better than national norms of urban share increased 10 percent, fine particulate matter, ozone pollution control, establish regional air pollution joint prevention and control mechanisms constitute regional atmospheric environmental management laws, regulations and policy system.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for power plant.



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