Guangzhou garbage can not be buried in the five major incineration power plant launched

2015-10-28 22:24:27

SMW Nanfang Daily reporter Essien Kei Igawa the intern gentle communication member Ren Xuan "Guangzhou days of waste daily 2 million tons, this year there is no more can be buried, waste siege situation serious!" 11 am, the provincial people's Congress, Guangzhou City, the Forum on the work of the Forum on behalf of the speech is not to let the participants put up their ears. The meeting learned, Guangzhou existing waste treatment equipment almost full, the local is driving capital thermal power plant construction, commonly known as the waste burning power plant. Guangzhou currently has five capital thermal power plant has started or ready to start, the estimated investment in 2017.
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In addition to the city, rural waste disposal situation is not optimistic. Chen Xiaochuan, deputy director of the provincial people's Congress at the meeting showed that the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee decided to five years key stalking the handling of rural waste management operations, the organization launched the third party evaluation. People's Congress should strengthen the construction and operation of waste treatment facilities, and to build up and put into use, so that the real role.
22600 tons / day waste to make Guangzhou no land can be buried
In the form of the traditional landfill, Guangzhou's days waste can be buried".
Data show that Guangzhou need to deal with the daily waste of about 22600 tons, during which the burning, landfill disposal of 15800 tons, the use of capital recovery of about 6800 tons. Guangzhou city waste treatment equipment "appetite" is not so big.
Deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress Wu Shujian pointed out that Guangzhou as a mega city, and annual average growth rate of urban waste very alarming, "waste battle previews results, but far from painting endless character.
As early as 2011, the daily average output value of waste in Guangzhou reached 18000 tons, while the average daily amount of waste treatment as long as 13800 tons, the daily processing capacity of waste treatment equipment is only 14000 tons, which is 91% by landfill. Wu Shujian showed that it had been predicted that the 2015 could not be buried.
And, with the continuous increase in the number of people in Guangzhou, the daily value of all kinds of waste is also increasing. It is estimated that in 2020 Guangzhou's waste daily output value will reach 25700 tons. At present, the existing waste treatment equipment is almost full.
In addition to the day of waste, the construction of waste is also a headache for the Guangzhou. Wu Shujian said that currently the city's not a construction waste lasting consumptive field, through public bidding to determine the four construction waste recycling enterprises, due to the enterprise in question resulting in the project schedule can not be pushed, distance significantly compared with domestic other city friends.
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Five capital thermal power plant project put into operation in 2017
Facing the plight of "waste paddock", Guangzhou city sit. Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress to deal with the 002 program to make a choice, the city government to increase the intensity of waste classification, accelerate the construction of large-scale waste disposal equipment.
Subsequently, the Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress successive years stalking supervision, a strong impetus to burn the main waste processing equipment to build. At present, Guangzhou has five thermal power plant launched, the location in Luogang, Nansha, Huadu, Zengcheng, Conghua and other places, estimated in 2017 to be completed and put into operation. Li Keng inductive treatment plant is carried out the EIA work, to be EIA and steady approval rating after daily, Guangzhou city to carry out Reform Commission examines, also plans to in 2017 completed and put into production.
Take Guangzhou city together, base of waste treatment in waste landfill Xingfeng expansion. According to reports, Xingfeng landfill field seven area and ancillary works the emergency engineering southeast development zone impermeable membrane has been laid end, landfill a B District has start earthwork removal construction, engineering emergency southeast development zone has on May 4, bear waste. There project was completed and put into production of biomass induction treatment plant, Zengcheng City kitchen waste collection and transportation system and inductive processing factory and other projects.

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