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2015-10-28 22:04:23

In the construction of thermal power in the northern area of our country, the difficulty of the lack of fresh water capital. The system of water consumption in thermal power plant is the cooling water system, and the loss of circulating cooling water is very important. Cut the most important skill path is to improve the circulating cooling water system. Table 1 is the relationship between the concentration ratio of circulating water and the amount of water and the amount of water, which is calculated according to the circulating water system parameters of a 2 * 600 MW unit.

Power plant watertreatment chemical HEDP

Along with the progress of concentration, the concentration of impurities in the water is also increasing, some of the high solubility of salt will be too high, in the circulation water system has a tendency to separate the water system, a large number of microbial growth will occur in the heat exchange surface of biological deposits. If you do not carry out water treatment, will have a serious impact on the scale of the impact of power plant safe and economic operation.

Circulating water treatment technology has passed a long time to carry out the process, some of the skills in the early stage have been replaced by modern skills. Along with the development of the skills and the need to further save water, there will be updated skills to be developed and used. In

1 pre cycle water treatment skills

In the early stage of the development of recycling water treatment technology, the main research of the different kinds of micro soluble salts in different pH, the solubility, with the ultimate carbonate hardness, Ron Greer and the stability index, stability index, experience formula and other methods to determine the accumulation trend of carbonate, calcium phosphate is not the same. Limited by the skill level, the circulating water concentration ratio is usually below 2.5, the choice of the method of adding the phosphate to the auxiliary and sulfuric acid to deal with. Sterilization of circulating water algae usually use chlorination.

The circulating water treatment technology of the early stage is low, and the water system of the circulating water needs a large amount of water. Chlorination of ammonia water is poor and chlorine amines, followed by water resources shortage and environmental requirements of increasingly stringent, in the use of gradually replace new skills. In

In the modern water treatment skills 2

2.1 organic scale inhibitor

The use of organic scale inhibitors greatly improved the ability to contain soluble salts in the circulating water, the concentration ratio of circulating water reached 2 to 4, and the concentration ratio of circulating water can be further improved to 8 ~ 5.

Today, the use of organic scale inhibitor type is very rich, usually based on the main function of the machine to classify, the first organic phosphorus series, a series of carboxylic acid, poly carboxylic acid fat series, containing sulfonic acid group of the series of products, there are 2 kinds of new type of scale inhibitors successfully developed.

The scale inhibition effect of a single type of organic scale inhibitor is usually not good, which is called the synergistic effect of scale inhibitors. The compound formula of scale inhibitor is also rich in corrosion inhibitor, which has the characteristics of good scale inhibition performance and easy application.

2.2 corrosion inhibitors

Compared with the past, the single type of organic scale inhibitors, especially organic phosphorus in the use of more simple corrosion, in the selection of scale inhibitors to pay special attention to. Usually in the selection of organic scale inhibitors to increase the corrosion inhibitor, see more of MBT, BTA, zinc salt, etc.. In

Power plant watertreatment chemical HEDP

2.3 sterilizing and killing agent

Development of seawater type sodium hypochlorite generator made coastal power plants sterilization algae more safe and economic, operate more simple. Salt of sodium hypochlorite generator is selected in the domestic some power plant in the mainland, because there is no chlorine leakage risk, safety have great progress, but because of the high salt content in electrolytic sodium hypochlorite and on the concentration ratio of high power plants exist in a lot of salt to bring the danger of corrosion. If the organic matter content of the circulating water is higher, can choose some organic composition of biocides. Some biological reproduction fast power plant can choose a variety of sterilizing agent used alternately to progress, sterilization, such as quaternary ammonium salt killing agent not only strong sterilization to and of sludge have stripping effect.

Chlorine dioxide sterilization ability, small dose of fast action, sterilization effect is not affected by pH value, and most of the amine reaction is development potential of the biocide. Ozone sterilization can be strong, the production process only needs air and electricity, no waste discharge, the use of sterilization will not appear toxic pollutants, the use of a broad perspective. In

2.4 processing skills

Many power plants now use the method of adding acid and scale inhibitors. This method is simple, and the system is low. With the increasing water capital, some power plants need to further improve the concentration ratio, the treatment of circulating water is usually used in combination treatment, in addition to adding acid and scale inhibitors, and more to see there is a water treatment method, ion exchange softening treatment, ion exchange softening. See Table 2 for more than the circulating water treatment skills.

3 new development of circulating water treatment

Along with the further progress of water conservation needs, back circulating water treatment skills to concentrate ratio higher, better treatment effect, system more economical development, skills to carry out primary, I

3.1 weak acid ion exchange side flow softening process

The main feature of the side stream processing is that the water which is treated by the weak acid resin is the concentrated water through the cooling tower. Due to the water content of the side stream processing, the alkalinity, the hardness is greater than the water, can give full play to the exchange of the ion exchange resin, so it is more economical than the mi. But beside the stream processing, circulation cooling water rich scale inhibitor

Power plant watertreatment chemical HEDP  scale inhibitor


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