Green Chemistry Evaluation of PAC product and production process

2015-07-15 22:43:52

China's PAC product appearance due to the impact of raw materials (mainly iron), the appearance of the Japanese color depth, slightly more than a little. 2010B-PAC is a colorless and transparent, due to the existing product appearance in China and japan.

Corrosion inhibition

Similar in PAC products technical standards for Al, O, index, single Chinese calcium aluminate process products Al, O, up to 14%~16%2010B-PAC up to 18% to 20%, Japan PACS products due to process slag amount is larger, and the recovery of washing water more, Al 2 O 3 content is barely larger than 10%; base of PAC products in China is much higher than that of PAC in Japan, on the net effect of water has greater advantage.
Heavy metals in temporary China GB15892-2009 standard in the lead, arsenic two indicators of heavy metals is higher than the standard Japanese JIS-K 1475-2006, chrome indicators such as total chromium meter, also may was higher than that of Japanese standards. 2010 B-PAC heavy metal indicators are lower than the standard of japan.

Corrosion inhibition

Impurity or waste produced in the production of raw materials to produce and react to produce two parts, these impurities or waste into the product, part of the separation in solid waste.
According to the principles of green chemistry, the chemical reaction is A+B=C, a and B as raw materials for the chemical reaction, should as far as possible all to produce the target product "C", if it is generated unnecessary components "d", both produced impurity and pollution, but also a waste of resources. From "3 process and chemical reaction type" can be seen as a by-product of the "d", Japan PAC products into the CaSO 4 (about 0.73%), solid waste produced CaSO 4 2H 2 O, PAC process in China, as a by-product of the "d", resulting in a CaCl 2 (> 7.0%).
Japanese picture archiving and communication system (PACS) in order to increase the accuracy of the base, tjes sulfate and calcium carbonate, resulting in a waste gypsum; China calcium aluminate PAC process, in order to increase the accuracy of the base and cast aluminum acid calcium and produce the waste calcium chloride, although the increase of basicity of the increase in the content of alumina, and Japan PACS ratio, also greatly reduce the acid consumption and calcium salt production, but waste acid is still amazing. 2010B-PAC does not produce useless waste and waste of raw materials, the board of education composite green chemistry principles.
Solid waste generated by various PAC production. Solid wastes generated in Japan: PACS > clay mineral, calcium aluminate PAC, aluminum hydroxide, calcium aluminate PAC.

Corrosion inhibition



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