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2015-07-02 02:29:28

 Tianjin Waterworks Group after sample queries for the quality of Yuqiao reservoir found source water accumulated in the algal material than before to, relevant departments have been adopted emergency measures, to ensure the water quality for public drinking water this summer.

It is understood, the source water shortage, water cut, combined with rising temperature, water in the high incidence of algae has become the primary problem to influence the water quality of source water. In order to ensure that the factory's water, city water company adopted two ways: of pre chlorination equipment maintenance and improvement, in the pre chlorination will water algae kill more than 50% (according to the water quality of the existing source, per liter of water chlorine dosage is 1 to 2 mg, after processing per liter of water residual chlorine is 0.3 mg), especially in the water added high polymer coagulant, water impurities to form the easy deposition of flocs, the impurity deposition, and in the water put calcium oxide to adjust the water quality, cut water yellow, so that the water becomes more clear. Through the post processing, factory water turbidity are much better than the national standard; the second is to increase the source water, check the intensity and frequency of checks, now Panjiakou Reservoir is now beginning to bridge the discharge of water from the reservoir, the water group water quality monitoring and control center to Panjiakou Reservoir upstream understand water condition, the informed source information, water is for the different water quality, adopt corresponding measures, adjust water treatment technology and methods, in order to guarantee the water quality.
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