Yumen Oilfield refinery water when oil comprehensive water stress

2015-07-01 03:05:21

 Yumen Oilfield refinery power plant of Zhang Jian early in the morning came to circulating water flow to check the pressure, temperature and other parameters, in order to weekly production meeting of the circulating water usage report.

"Circulating water is mainly used for the cooling of the equipment, the difference is big, it is clarified that the heat transfer efficiency is high. We can save a lot of money for us." Zhang Jian said that the loss of water, but also save the water to add the pharmacy. At the same time, the load of the circulating pump is also reduced. Last year, the power plant for the circulation of water supply of the pump to open 5 units, now up to only 3 pumps can be satisfied with the demand for circulating water. A pump will be 460 kwh per hour.
In addition, refinery also advances all kinds of water recovery and comprehensive utilization. Although heavy crude oil brings sulfur rise, use of refinery acidic water in progress in processing rate. Will pass through the oil, in addition to impurities, etc. after purification, as the electric desalination equipment replenishment, and now every hour can make up for 19 tons of acidic water purification. Using PAA scale and dispersing agent, circulating water treatment.
In 2012 November put into operation of condensate water reuse project, has been through a cycle, can be useful to recover condensed water. And for the production of steam catalytic equipment supply of desalted water, reducing the amount of steam refinery.
2013 put into operation in wastewater reuse equipment, the previous crude oil processing wastewater for purification treatment for circulating water equipment replenishment. This year, Yumen Oilfield refinery will also as plant landscaping water.
In the water treatment plant in Yumen refinery, sewage after treatment can meet the drinking water level.
"To control the fresh water purchased, the same as every drop of fresh water and oil, peacetime loss reduction, repeatedly to recover, circulation is applied, the maximum limit to save water." Refinery project production division director Juan said, place in Yumen Oilfield in Northwest China, the lack of water resources to rational use of water resources.
Nearly 3 years, refinery and strict to fresh water transport in, increase wastewater reuse equipment for water purification recycling dosage; progress of acidic water purification water utilization rate; optimization of condensation water system operation, truncates subtraction brine consumption, amount of fresh water purchased cut 82 million tons.
Using PAA scale and dispersing agent, circulating water treatment.


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