PAA Qilu Petrochemical Thermal Power Plant two indicators to create a history of the best

2015-06-30 02:55:40

In May, Qilu Petrochemical Thermal Power Plant power supply standard coal consumption rate of complete 320.9 grams / kWh, down 13.2 g / kWh: heating standard coal consumption of 38.17 kg / GJ, representing a decrease of 0.05 kg / GJ, two goals both reaching the plant before the history best level.
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Standard coal consumption rate of power supply, heating standard coal consumption is group company highlights audit objectives, the thermal power plant the main technical and economic indexes, the bump as a direct response to thermal power plant economic operation level of the bump.
Over the years, the factory continued to 8 boiler 16 sets of coal pulverizing system management, continuous grinding coal machine implementation of energy-saving technological transformation, the electricity consumption of coal pulverizing reduced from month to month. Follow the boiler removing nitrate equipment continuous completed and put into operation, greatly reduced the boiler flue gas nitrogen oxide, discharging flue gas meeting the country's new environmental request, but fly ash carbon content increased, they for boiler fly ash containing higher carbon content in the question, research team to repeat the experiment, according to the characteristics of each boiler, every day on different operation condition were fly ash carbon content testing, comparison, summed up the a fruitful adjustment plan, make adjustment card, coaching staff, fly ash carbon content decreased gradually, boiler power increasing.
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Differential vacuum of steam turbine, condenser and feed water temperature is the goal of power supply standard coal consumption, heating standard coal consumption of the important factors. In the factory, the site of the research group is repeated to find the questions, the power consumption of the device is optimized, and the power consumption is significant. In addition, they also have a significant improvement in the management of the high pressure heater, the heater is put forward, the loss rate of the steam water is beginning to be reduced, and the technical objectives are constantly improved.
In May, thermal power plant power supply standard coal consumption of standard coal consumption, heating the plant before the history of both hit a best level.



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