Technology of high concentration wastewater treatment in oil field

2015-06-26 22:06:34

With the development of oil field, the wastewater is increasing, and the ecological environment is seriously polluted. Oil field wastewater is complex, containing oil, water, salt, phenol, sulfur and other environmental substances. Briefly Petrochemical Vocational high concentration alkaline residue sewage source and component, high concentration alkaline residue sewage treatment technical solutions and skills process selection, and emphatically introduces the engineering example of planning and planning in the process of transformation of the skill characteristics and application situation, for broad peer learning and reference.

Oil field wastewater mainly contains crude oil (also known as oil production), drilling sewage and other types of oil in the station. The treatment of oil field wastewater is based on the factors of production, environment and other factors. When irrigation water in oil demand, oil field sewage after treatment reinjection at that point to of water suspended solids, oil and many other target strict control, avoiding the formation damage. Oil production units greatly are gathered in arid regions, water resources seriously lacking in the how the process of production sewage waste to treasure, has very important practical significance.

Corrosion inhibitor of oil field recycle water

Oil field water treatment skills. The process is generally "oil separation filter" and "separation of oil - (or swirl flotation oil removal) filtering", namely, the general called "old three", get rid of the waste water in the oil and suspended solids is the first skill. In a very long time, this skill flow is widely used in the treatment of oil production in the oil field, and the effect is good, and the water quality can reach the request of the irrigation.

Oil field exploitation, the use of special scale inhibitor for oil field water injection is used in oil field circulating water treatment.

According to the degree of oil field wastewater treatment and water quality request is not the same, the general will be divided into the treatment of sewage treatment skills, two and three grade. Generally speaking, the first grade treatment is attributed to the pretreatment, and the two stage treatment can remove the solid suspended solids of the 90% or so of the organic matter loaded 90%~95%. But it is difficult to remove nitrogen and phosphorus in the process of biochemical treatment, and it needs to be treated with three levels. Processing skills at all levels including gravity separation, coarse grain, flotation method, filtration, membrane separation and biological method, etc..

One or two primary treatment is the use of filtering, sedimentation, flotation to get rid of the sewage in the suspended matter. Remove the mineral and the large majority of solid suspended solids, oil, etc.. The first method includes gravity separation, centrifugal separation, filtration, coarse grain, neutralization, biological treatment, etc.. These skills are relatively mature at home and abroad.

Oilfield sewage composition is relatively complex, oil content and oil in water method is not the same and most conditions often with other wastewater mixed and single way processing general effect is not good. Together, because of the limitations of various forces, in practice, the general use of the two or three methods, so that the water quality of the effluent discharge standards. In addition, the production methods, environmental requirements and the use of different oil fields, so that the oil field sewage treatment skills are different. In these skills in the process, the common primary treatment with gravity separation, flotation separation and centrifugal separation. First get rid of oil and oil wet solid; secondary treatment filtration, coarse grain, chemical processing, first and foremost is demulsification and remove slack oil; advanced treatment with ultrafiltration, activated carbon adsorption and biochemical processing, the first step is to remove the oil dissolved.

Corrosion inhibitor of oil field recycle water

Membrane biological reactor (MBR) is a kind of by the membrane separation unit with the biological treatment unit is a new water treatment skills, to membrane components instead of secondary sedimentation tank in biological reactor adhere to the high concentration of activated sludge reduction of sewage processing equipment covers an area of, and through adhere to the low sludge load reducing sludge. Compared with the traditional biochemical water processing skills, MBR has the following main characteristics: treatment of high power, good water quality; equipment is compact, small footprint; easy to end active manipulation, working for a brief. Since the 80's in twentieth Century, the skill has been paid more and more attention, and has become one of the hot topics of research. Now membrane bioreactor has been used in the United States, Germany, France and Egypt, etc. more than a dozen countries, ranging from 6m3/d to 13000m3/d.

In China, membrane bioreactor as a new technology for wastewater reclamation and reuse, its development and research is becoming more and more deepen. Although membrane biological reactor in the practice of our country use less, however, under the shortage of water resources of the state, followed the film skill development, new membrane materials development and cost of membrane materials gradually decreased, membrane biological reactor will have good application prospect.

Now, alkaline residue wastewater treatment way the primary occupation petrochemical chemical treatment method, direct method and biological oxidation method.

Direct processing method are sold, dilution, well written and burning treatments and other measures, of which the combustion method, direct treatment process is simple and has pollution transfer (atmospheric) or transfer (elsewhere), so by constraint must.

Chemical treatment method is generally used in wet air oxidation (WAO), namely 150 to 200 DEG C, under the conditions of 1.5~10MPa, by direct oxidation of oxygen remove sulfide in alkaline residue, reach an alkali pretreatment of intentions. Alkaline residue treatment action is subject to the temperature and pressure of the oxidation reaction system, pollutant remove power is high, the corresponding system of temperature and pressure is higher, the Wao spirited equipment investment amount and the cost of the use by the constraint.

Corrosion inhibitor of oil field recycle water



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