Corrosion inhibition Desalination process usually about 50% of the water can be converted into fresh water

2015-06-23 03:03:13

 "Is it expensive? Will pollute the environment? Desalination technology can solve the problem of Beijing, Tianjin and water shortage?" Not long ago, Hebei province Caofeidian desalination project will cause social attention to supply water to Beijing news. On the afternoon of July 22, China Association for science and technology held "scientists and Y body face to face" activities, several industry experts public concern answer one by one.

Corrosion inhibition

"The desalination process, there are usually about 50% of the water can be converted into fresh water, the other 50% will become high concentration salt water back into the sea, and go back to this part of the water to the marine exactly have much impact, experts is also controversial." Tianjin sea water desalination and Comprehensive Utilization Research Institute Ruan Guoling said, the State Oceanic administration.
"In order to try not to row or row of high concentration of salt water, we must carry out comprehensive utilization, but also to increase technology research and development and technical reserves. Many of the high concentration of seawater desalination plants to salt salt, this is obviously good for salt." Ruan Guoling said.
As the water for living, asked water security problems, the Hangzhou water treatment technology research and Development Center Deputy Director Wang him said: "desalination of sea water use is divided into two major categories of municipal and industrial water, municipal drinking water sources must be above is the national third class seawater; and for industrial water, especially the preparation of industrial water, national provisions."
Ruan Guoling introduction: "the sea water desalination technology is the water treatment technology crown jewel. Capture of desalination technology, other water treatment technical problems can be smoothly done or easily solved. China's seawater desalination project began in earnest in the 50s of the last century, but until about 1998, this project really caused by the attention of the society from all walks of life. "
At present, there are mainly two kinds of seawater desalination technology in China: reverse osmosis membrane (membrane) and low temperature and multi effect distillation (thermal method), which accounts for more than 67% of the former, the latter is about 27%. Because of China's independent intellectual property rights in the reverse osmosis membrane, so the material must rely on foreign technical support. At present all the projects together, the localization rate of the material is about four or five per cent, the localization rate of parts of the project can reach more than 75%.
Ruan Guoling said: "at present, we do a single film can reach 20000 tons of water, the heat of a single machine can reach 25000 tons of water. 'thirteen five' period, membrane and thermal method single rate target were 40000 tons of water and 50000 tons. If this is done, the film method on the size of the single machine can run on the international front, the heat of this piece from the international distance is very small, a jump can pick 'apple'. The next step in the direction of the efforts is to improve the localization rate on a larger scale of equipment through independent innovation."
Corrosion inhibition
The development of seawater desalination industry "1025" planning "proposed that by 2015, China's seawater desalination equipment localization rate should reach 70%, and the seawater desalination technology development" 1025 "planning" project proposed localization of key equipment rate is above 75%. Ruan Guoling said: "to improve the technical and quality level of seawater desalination equipment, has become the focus of the development of China's desalination industry. At the same time, we should also pay attention to improve the industrial concentration degree."
Corrosion inhibition




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