Shenzhen Low Carbon Forum recommendations to promote the along the way regional carbon market

2015-06-21 03:51:05

NDRC climate division of the domestic office deputy director Wang Shu in June 17-18, the third session of the Shenzhen world low carbon city forum for the first time leakage, China will in the near future to the United Nations submitted "dedicated to independent emission reduction" plan, and establish a national carbon market has been written in the meantime, thereby establishing the carbon market, is not only the request but our foreign to the end of promise ".
On the carbon market construction process, Wang Shu shows that the national development and Reform Commission is expected to in late 2016 or 2017 Hair dynamic national carbon market; before 2017 and 2020, running the mall, and gradually expand and improve; by 2020 in the future, the expansion of shopping malls covering planning, business types and thinking and the convergence of the shopping malls to other worlds.
On regional cooperation carbon market, Guangdong Province Shenzhen city development and Reform Commission deputy director Cai Yu show that success in the world of carbon trading market is from regional cooperation mall develop, so in the carbon market after the establishment, should and can exist in multiple layers of shopping malls. "Shopping malls across the country is dominated by big planning unit of emissions, regional shopping malls to do direct emissions, and even to make planning of emission control."
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Accelerate the introduction of Carbon Emission Rights Ordinance
In accordance with the timetable for the development and Reform Commission, the country's carbon shopping malls will be the fastest in the end of 2016 to start trading.
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This year first half of the year and next year will be the carbon, preparation of the critical period, Wang Shu said, "our key operation is to promote the introduction of the carbon emissions regulations", develop the total amount of quotas and distribution scheme, and relevant for supporting details, included the sale of tissue processing method, the third party trading organization management measures and check strategy. "
Wang Shu leakage and now carbon emissions regulations have been the end of the ask for opinion draft, now is based on opinion of various local and modify, the next step will hold a hearing in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, revised, submit the legal department of the State Council do.
Today, the national development and Reform Commission has been set up various local companies to expand the company's greenhouse gas emissions accounts and statements. Wang Shu introduction, the national development and Reform Commission will introduce a total of 23 accounting Raiders, has been introduced in 14, 14 in which 11 are prepared as a national standard to carry out.
The construction of the national carbon market can not be separated from the local cooperation and implementation. Wang Shu pointed out that local primary is national cooperative good policy, and planning to build, the most important is do a good job in the company's carbon emissions data representations and check, future, the country's carbon market launch in the future, the local also served as quota with assignments.
It is understood, now these operations on non pilot regions, no matter in human resources still exist on both. In this regard, Wang Shu pointed out that although today, the state is not specifically for the carbon market construction to establish special funds, but the national development and Reform Commission has been in launch operations through other channels, "in the long term, we still are expected to finance part of the exchange for establish special fund support support this operation".
Progress of carbon market transparency
National climate strategy base clean expansion mechanism and carbon store for Zheng, director of think, the pilot dedication built to national carbon market experience and lesson, the first is to lay the foundation of data, the non must make scientific policy of total carbon trading, and to develop a quota of conditioning mechanism. "In order to cut carbon trading system implemented in the resistance, the pilot in the total policy settings, slightly loose, not very harsh, so we could see this year in recent months, close to the performance and pilot quota offer was a sharp drop." Zheng Shuang said.
Zheng Shuang also pointed out that from the experience of the pilot, but also the progress of the policy, data and the operation of the shopping mall transparency. During the current, some pilot quantitative policy, the status of compliance, practice emissions and other basic information are not exposed, which makes carbon market participants, include control of companies, business organizations and sponsors, is difficult to make trade perhaps into the city of useful decision.
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"Was vivid contrast of CCER business situation, just two or three months time has ended trading more than 400 million tons, but still opaque pricing information, which is not conducive to our set up a disclosure, fair, fair market policy." Zheng Shuangru is saying.
In addition, Asian Development Bank climate change and carbon market expert Mo Ling water suggests that, in the construction process of the carbon market to synchronous set corresponding to a carbon market operation standards financial and accounting standards. She thinks, now the market downturn and the lack of appropriate financial and accounting standards. "If accounting rules do not change, carbon credits and carbon credits can not enter the property debt table, even if the company has a large number of carbon credits and credits, in the bank financing, listed companies of the time, its ability to as property objects now property debt table? This is a big question."
Regional cooperation: multi level carbon market
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After the national carbon market is established, China's carbon trading is not necessarily the end of a single store? Is there a multi-level trading market?
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