Main salts in aqueous solution

2015-06-19 02:37:28

No matter what kind of natural water, the first salt in solution to form the following ions.
Cation: Ca'-'Na, K.
Anion: HCU3, CCY3, cl-, 2-04 S.
The contents of these eight kinds of primary ions are 99% more than 95% of the total dissolved in water solution. The shape of this eight kinds of primary ion contact each other, the imaginary combination placed by a^-f Rouge sequence, as shown in figure 1-2.
As a result of +, M dream ten the most easy contact with HCO3; second is a knot with S 204, ten, Na, K and Cl a link to generate NaCl is dissolved in the '' ''. B is represented by Ca (HC03) Z 1 b--c for Ca (HC03) 2,, S04., MgS04, NaCl, Naz, C-D. Salt in water;
The water ions, resulting in scale and more, with the use of scale inhibitor for water treatment



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